Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kindergarten Truths

I'm linking up with the Kindergarten Connection for a quick linky! It's been weeks since I've blogged. Too many things going on with family and school to even think about a blog post!

I'm going to cheat a little and repost a similar entry from a while back.

I consider my job the absolute best in the world. I really and sincerely mean that and feel happy every day to go to work. Retirement is looming, and I just can't imagine a day without kindergarten. I'll be the most faithful volunteer in the history of our school...

Yes, I hear all those same questions and remarks about how easy it must be to teach kindergarten, too. HA! I've tried to answer the questions, but often to no avail. So instead...

here are some positives to working in the kinder world!

Ten things I've Learned Teaching Kindergarten: (these are mostly silly and not deep)

1. If they can mess up your name, they will. If your name is at all complicated or rhymes with something entertaining, they'll use it!  I remember the first time I found out my students were calling me Mrs. Belch. I was initially offended ( for about 2 seconds) and then my husband and I thought it was hilarious. When I confronted the boys, their look of horror was priceless. We had a good laugh and because they knew my sense of humor, they'd occasionally call me Mrs. Belch to make me gasp with fake horror! More often, I am referred to as Mrs. Welchie, which I love dearly. It's truly an endearment that just seems to naturally happen around January of every year. There are 8th graders who call me Mrs. Welchie!

2. Kindergartners sing and dance everywhere! We'll be sitting at circle and you can hear someone in the bathroom belting out a tune. LOUDLY. It's the cutest thing ever. When I put on one of our clean up songs ("Firework", "It's Always a Good Time") they stop at certain spots and we all break out our dance moves. They're supposed to be back at circle by the time the song ends and clean super fast to get there early so they can really get into it. I taught them how to sit down like Ellen Degeneres does to stop the music . Hilarious! We need to send her a video!

3. I speak kinderese. See this post. I can decipher a 5 year old's mispronunciation of any word they may dream up! You know exactly what I'm talking about!

4. They love to see you being silly, laughing and being playful! Dance! Dress up!

5. Just listen. They say the most wonderful things, have very creative solutions and are very funny people! Have you ever seen the AT&T commercial where they adult is sitting at the table, head resting in his hands just listening to the kids as they answer questions? It's the BEST! Watch out, they'll tell you all their family's secrets. Believe half.

6. It's very important for them to see you fail, apologize and repair. Often. Teach them to take care of the people they've hurt.

8. Don't do everything for them. I can't believe how many kids can't zip their coat or even put it on by themselves! When an adult does everything they are basically telling the child that they're not capable. Build their confidence by letting them try. Accept their effort and their confidence soars! I always tell them I won't be with them in college so they better figure it out ( I'm nearby and their biggest cheerleader)!

9. A five year old's sense of fashion is wonderful. Let them dress themselves! I love to see parents relax with the perfectly chosen outfits. There's nothing better than a child walking through the door in polka dots, stripes, tutus and bow ties that they self selected. They walk with such confidence. If you accidentally wear two different colors of shoes to school they'll think you did it on purpose. And the next day they'll copy you!

10. Plan lots of time to get anywhere. If there's a caterpillar crawling across the sidewalk, we're going to need to look at it.  Have them bring a change of clothes to school! If it snows, we're going outside! If there are giant puddles, they'll jump in them!

There are so many more things they've taught me but it would take hours! They are the joy in my day and I can't imagine not teaching forever just to be with them! Each one is a gift and deserves love and attention! Isn't it the silliest way to spend a day? We have the best job ever!

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