Saturday, April 25, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for a
Five Words for Fried-Day

rain drops! White crayon or oil pastel on paper then paint with water colors

It's raining in California!
We live in an old home and the rain hitting the tin roof all night was wonderful.

I don't know what I did, but my entire post disappeared and I'm close to tears. 
There's a rainstorm going on in my home, if you get my drift...
I have to figure it was a sign from above that I was getting too wordy again.
SO, I'm going back to my Five Words for Friday challenge.
I'm only going to use five words for each random thing.
Here goes, starting right now...

Paper quilt made by kinders.

Mother's Day hands kiln-bound.

Breaking 5 word rule for poem!

Here are some flowers bright and bold
Held by the hand you love to hold.
Someday the flowers will disappear
But this little hand will always be near.

Earth Day art project. Love!

5 Monkeys Jumping On the Bed

Apron and cards at TPT, Kinder-gardening

 Love this packet from Kinderkay!

Biggest cake flop EVER!

Happy weekend to you all!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for another Five for Friday!
I'm putting my first, second and third all together. I got a little wordy and decided you wouldn't read my whole post if I wrote much more!
We've been having so much fun retelling fairy tales and singing all the songs that go along with them. We set up Goldilocks and The Three Bears in the house area (the setting), with three bowls, three chairs of different sizes and three beds. Then we chose our actors (the characters). Next, we had our audience sit appropriately and learn the proper etiquette to being at a performance (no yelling or whistling and polite clapping). HA!

Finally, the performance.

Hilarious is all I can say. My kids have the Three Bears Rap DOWN and sang the whole time. In other words, we had a musical performance.

Here's a picture of the apron cards. We sing the rap and I move the cards.

 Next, we performed The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We happen to have the best balcony for this story. And we also have the perfect place for the Troll to hide in the cubbies right below the "bridge!" This is the only picture I could find of our balcony, but you get the picture...
I read the Rap and they did all the sound effects. Those clip clop noises got louder and louder. The goats and troll said all their lines with great enthusiasm. Here's some of our rap...Get the rhythm going first!

This is the story of the Billy Goats Gruff.
A family of three who lived on a bluff.

All day they would wander around like goat kings
Eating grass, butting heads, and doing other goat things.

Until one day they woke up before it was dawn
To find that the grass on their bluff was all gone.

But across the creek was another big hill,
And that one was green and had grass on it still.

So to get to that grass, they just had to sneak.
Across the bridge, that crossed the creek.

But under the bridge lived an ugly green troll,
And protecting the bridge was that troll's only goal.

And as long as they could remember, as long as they'd lived,
They'd always been too scared to cross over the bridge.

Then the little goat said: "I'll be the first to go!
Maybe he won't hear me if I just tip toe."

Clip, clop, clip, clop, he started across,
But immediately the troll appeared from the moss.

Anywho, they had a blast! We used our sequencing cards in the apron too. I left the cards in the big pocket chart and let the kids retell the story with their friend for one of their station activities.

Yesterday we worked on The Three Little Pigs. I have to get Susanna Westby's Three Piggies Rap to go with the cards!! Anything that we sing sticks in our minds better! We used our cards and sequenced the story and then we set the stage.

We let the kids work in groups to build the straw house with easter basket grass. Super messy!!!!!!!

 Straw house
Does anyone else hate this stuff?
 Stick house
Brick house
What fun!
An academy award winning performance, I tell 'ya!
Now, when it's time to write about the story elements, my class will have all the information they need in their heads.
But that's another post...

Here's another reason why our janitor is counting the days until I retire...
I use packing tape to make ten frames and number lines on my carpet. I really need to look and see if Joyce from Sit Spots makes long strips for the floor in addition to her wonderful sit spots...

 We've been using this number line to hop out our addition and subtraction problems but have also found that we can use our cars as well. We simply put the car in reverse for subtraction!

By the way, my best piece of advice to new teachers is to be good to the janitors and secretaries. Cleaner room and no parent surprises if you win these very important people over. I always shake my head and walk away when I hear a new teacher treating the secretaries or janitors poorly. Not only is it the wrong way to treat anyone, this is NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!
Look at this journal writing that one of my little guys did this week. 
We had a book fair at school and he forgot to bring money. 
Broke my heart. 

I saw on Facebook a post about having your kids write about what they wished their teacher knew. 
I can see that I need to try that with my kids.
I wish I knew about this sad little guy.
He could have helped me pick out books for our class to purchase
(and maybe one for himself).


A little girl ran into my room all excited this week, exclaiming that she found the key to China.
 I was so happy for her and asked if I could see it. :)
I had to take a picture!

Happy weekend, everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Five for Friday

Hello! I'm linking up with another five for Friday. Thank you Doodle Bugs!

It snowed in my neck of the woods on Tuesday. What's really funny about this happy event is that we got to take Monday off after Easter because we hadn't used our Snow Day this year. Ha!
This is what it looked like when I arrived at school. The second picture was a little while later. We got to have a late start! 
Somehow I don't think this would have ruffled feathers in other parts of the country!
It was much worse the night before.

We were all a twitter!
This bit of precipatation couldn't have come at a better time.
We're in the middle of our water cycle study so we ran outside (the kids were told to stay out of the snow-how do you tell a California kid to stay out of the snow? NO WAY!!!!).
Anyway, we got snow in our cups and came back in. Once seated, we handed out thermometers and a second cup filled with warm water. The kids had so much fun watching the temperature rise and fall as they went back and forth between the two cups.
What fun!

Last year I found this super simple rose tutorial on Pinterest. It's from a beautiful blog called
My Flower Journal.
How To Paint Simple Watercolor
My kids love painting and had no trouble making this pile of roses.
I sat with groups of five and the very best part was the conversation. As they painted we chatted about whatever was on their minds and it was delightful.
There was paint everywhere!

Here's our finished product! I wish I'd had them paint leaves with different shades of green
and made a bigger bow.

We're using Deanna Jump's Math Unit number 6 right now along with our other math program.
These unit are wonderful!!
Guiding Kinders:  Math Workshop Unit 6 { Common Core Aligned }
We're working on counting collections and I'm so impressed with the kids.
The had to circulate to 8 different counting stations with a partner and count collections of really fun things.
First, they had to write their estimate and then they had to figure out how to count them. They've been learning different strategies and the 2nd picture shows how some kids made ten frames with some extra.

It was a huge success!

We're working on writing how-to stories.
I love this idea from The Teacher Wife. She originally got the idea from Mrs. Lee's KIndergarten.
Read both posts! They're wonderful.

I'll bring bubblegum on Monday and we'll write the steps to blowing a bubble. We made the art project on Friday so that we're ready to write on Monday. When I told them what we were going to do, they became anxious! They are so worried because they don't know how to blow a bubble. All of a sudden I looked over at a little group working on making bubbles in their mouth with spit. UGH!!!
 Next, I heard all about how gum is not good for your teeth and their moms don't allow them to chew gum. I even heard one child say that they were going to practice all weekend...
You just never know!

Heads up!
 This is apron news.
I posted earlier this week but I'm posting it again.
Not many people read my blog and if I don't post on a linky party, it's not read at all.
I'm so excited!
New aprons!
The new aprons have arrived and many more black aprons are on the way!

I've got hours of lesson planning to do , but first I have to do inventory!

Here are the choices that arrived today. 
I've put cards (clip art by Susanna Westby) in each apron so that you can see some of the ways I use 
my aprons:
Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day. 
I put the duckling behind the grassy hill card as we sing. Great for subtractionL
Little Red Riding Hood 

I cover the dots and quickly lift up a blank card to reveal the dots, then put the blank card back down. They have to tell me how many dots they saw.Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Three Billy Goats Gruff.
The troll hides behind the water picture until a goat trip traps over the bridge.
Three Little Pigs. 
SusannaWestby  has an adorable Three Pigs Rap!
Which number is missing?
The Three Bears Rap

I use the aprons for all sorts of reading, science and social studies fun too. 

It's also great as they kids are coming in the door or leaving for recess!Even If I only put in a sight word , it's in their sweet faces all day.They can't get away from me!

Many more songs and stories on the way.
That's it, folks!
I love this little wish jar.
Here's a wish and a hope that you have a great weekend!