Friday, April 3, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle bugs for another Five for Friday! 

This just made me smile!

I have lots of pictures and chitter chatter.

I feel like it's time for a paper quilt!

 I got a D in 8th grade sewing and I DON"T sew, but I love my glue gun and stapler! HA! Perfect for this type of project!

You can find the most beautiful paper with fabric-like patterns. I love to use them whenever we make a quilt. This is how I "sew."

We haven't made a quilt this year and it's a great review of shapes and the construction of new shapes when combined with others. Such fun and super easy for the kids.

Not so much for the prep person. But I assure you, it's worth it!

First, I go looking for a quilt pattern that I love. There are so many to choose from that it takes me a while to settle on just one.

Let's see. It's officially spring so I'll go with pastels.
The star pattern is easy, so let's go with that one.
First I draw an 8x8 inch square and then divide it up into 2 inch squares.

Next, I draw an outline of the shape we've chosen.

I will often draw the pattern of the material on the paper or write the initial letter of the color they need to use. I'm not sure if you can see it on this sample.

Then, I play around with all different color combinations and backgrounds. I could spend hours creating different blocks.

I love the paper quilt we made last year. I posted about the process in more detail here.

This weekend I'll be busy cutting paper.  I'll let you see the results next week. I hope you'll give a paper quilt a try!

St. Patrick's Day was wild.
Here's some of the excitement:
Here's the mess we walked into. I'm not sure that you can see it, but there's the world's tiniest note at the top of the pile. It's a hint from the Leprechaun about where to find his gold.
Here are a few traps,
a note to trick the little fella,
directed art (I can't find my source :(  ),
and a rainbow,of course!
We also made our Lucky Goes Looking book. It's free in my TPT store. It's not fancy and takes about two days to complete. And  I'm happy to say the kids really enjoyed it! Whew!
Lucky Goes Looking

We had lots of Easter fun last week...
I've worn this lovely bunny costume for about 28 years and it's never been tighter. Too many chocolate eggs...My friend's dress was sent to me from my mother in law who taught kindergarten in the 60's and 70's. There are designs all the way around the skirt-someone spent hours designing this beauty. I hate to admit it, but I have several similar outfits in my closet. And that's where they need to stay!!!
Anywho, I could never in a million years fit into this get up and passed it on to my teacher buddy. She looks darling and I love any 6th grade teacher who dresses up for the kids!

I saw these on Sue's Stamping Stuff.
Hers are much cuter!
We made bunny bags for our egg hunt and goodies. I don't know what happened to the second bunny bag in the picture below. We made them whole group.
 Whenever I show them how to make a project, I always tell them to make it their own. Ha!
We made ridiculous Easter bonnets.
Those gigantic bows went in the front.
We also did the directed art project from Adventurous .
The expressions were priceless.
                                      I'm sorry I taught them about the effects of eyebrows...

Mrs. Welchie at the end of the day..

We've been working really hard on subtraction! I've looked for every fun way to bring home this concept. I've certainly learned over the years that anything in a game format and/or with the use of manipulatives will make the concept "stick."

Concrete before abstract!

We've been bowling, driving our cars in reverse on the number line, shooting baskets and eating a lot, but our favorite for sure was smash math!! Get out your play dough and plastic hammers! Way fun! I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest, of course! Thank you Primary Possibilities!!!
Primary Possibilities: Math Madness Wednesdays: Subtraction Tips and Tricks

Susanna Westby made the adorable duckie clip art for the song Five Little Ducks. I sing it with the kids using my apron pockets. There are pictures of grassy hills behind the ducks and, as I sing the song, I move the duckling behind the grassy hill one by one. 
Another great lesson for subtraction. 

Hopefully, I'll have lots more songs and stories ready to go for the apron by the time we head off to Vegas in July! We have a booth and lots and lots of new colors just for the occasion.
I'm off to pick up aprons right now!
Woot woot!

I'm an oldster, not a youngster. I'm constantly impressed with all of the very talented and passionate teachers who are creating a community of sharing in the educational world. I wish that I had been able to access the knowledge that is being shared now in my earlier days of teaching. What incredible resources you all offer. Pinterest, TPT and blogs have truly changed my teaching world. Thanks to all who are contributing! This old teacher thinks you are all beyond amazing!! 

Baby Duck Costume


  1. I love everything about this post. I can just feel the love in your classroom right through the computer. Have a WONDERFUL Easter! XOX

  2. Right back at ya, Carolyn! Where's you Five for Friday? I need to lesson plan! :)