Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fast Five for Friday!

This is going to be a fast Five for Friday!! Memorial weekend is NEVER relaxing for me. NEVER! I've got report cards, graduation invitations, slide show, art portfolios to prepare, goodbye notes (to be found later) in the back of their journals, and you should see my classroom! Oh my. And I have to deliver fabric to a seamstress 1 1/2 hours away. And we have company coming Sunday night. And I think I feel a melt down coming my way...

So, thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting! Here goes...

On Monday, our sweet secretary greeted anyone who came  into the office decked out in the tutu apron! It helped to chase away any bad atti"tutu"des! She's turned to the side a little and you can't totally see the word twirl in the pocket!
She's the best!

I'm off with fabric to the seamstress! We'll make a few of these in different colors for the Vegas conference!

We made bubble art hydrangeas!
Way fun!!

Every weekend I pick a project to get ready for the I Teach K conference. 
I've made bags, and cut hundreds of cards for packing.
I'm working hard!
I hope someone comes to my booth!

Thursday may have been the best day in kindergarten EVER!!!!!
We're learning about forces and motion right now so I took out some styrofoam thingys and you'd have thought I'd invented the best marble works tracks in the world. I'm not kidding when I say that there were squeals of laughter and ohhhhhs and ahhhhs going on in my classroom. An aide from next door came over to find out what was going on because they could hear us through the walls! I was supposed to be assessing kids and I had to stop to help with the tape dispensing. We used up all of this year's allotment as well as next year's supply! There was tape EVERYWHERE! Including my hair and clothing.
Here's the clever zig zag model. See the towel at the bottom? That's how they decided to stop the marbles from the ever popular hit the metal bowl and ping across the room version they had earlier.
I realize that this is a weird picture, but I don't post pictures of my kids and I couldn't get them to stand far away from the "Let's send a speeding marble clear across the room" track.

Wednesday was our Parent Appreciation Breakfast.
 I made cards and gave roses to my volunteers. 
My blood pressure goes down when they walk into my room.
I love my helper-outers!
Happy weekend to you!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Five for Friday on Saturday

I want to say this in the nicest possible way...
I'm guessing that this quote was written by a well meaning parent who thinks we play all day.
I wish...

Happy Five for Friday on Saturday!.
I'm sticking with my six words for Saturday challenge on some of these...

Creepy picture of Mother's Day Hands.
Finished product ready to go home!
The poem to go with the hand:
Here are some flowers bright and bold
Held by the hand you love to hold.
Someday the flowers will disappear
But this little hand will always be near.

Purses for the bubble wrapped hand.

This won't be a six word story...
In over 30 years of teaching this has NEVER happened...

A chrysalis hanging RIGHT outside our classroom door!!!!!!!!!
We found caterpillars hanging upside down
and then..
a chrysalis!!
This is a miracle to watch. 
However, it may be a bigger miracle that none of those 5 year old hands have knocked it down.

Cowboy Week is here. Yehaw!


May Day gift on my desk. Love.

Need a gift for a graduating credential student or student teacher?

I'll cutsie wrap it and send it asap!

The walking pocket chart apron and cards to go with it will be on sale for 
Appreciation Week!
You can find it in my TPT store

I'm having fun working with a very talented seamstress to make a tutu apron.
We hope to have it ready for the I Teach K! conference.

I'm noticing all things tutu.
Gotta love this atti-tutu-de!  :)
Happy weekend!