Friday, June 26, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Friday everyone!
 I have no business posting today. I'm super busy getting ready for the I Teach K conference in Vegas!
Thank you sweet Doodle Bugs for hosting my favorite linky!
Be forewarned...this entire post is about aprons because it's all I've got.
And it's been all-consuming.

Okay, this may not be a big deal to anyone but me,
but I'm beyond excited about learning something new!!
Let me explain.
I make a walking pocket chart apron that I love.
I wear mine every single day (not during the summer-that would be weird).

It's not just a normal apron.
It involves cards and work.
You have to figure out what you want to emphasize that day and then put cards in the clear plastic pockets for the kids to see.
All day.
It's right at their eye level.
They can't get away from you!
Anyway, for three years I drew my own cards with a permanent pen because I didn't know how to use power point or clip art. This took hours and hours.
And hours.
My husband helped make cards on the computer when he could,
but it's not exactly how he wanted to spend a Saturday.
Years later...
I've finally learned how to make cards!!!
I'm old enough to be your mom so
this is a BIG deal! I'm not great on the computer.
I have a million cards I want to make just for me!!!!
In fact, it's all I want to do!
Groceries? Nah.
Laundry. Nah.
 I'll make my husband (best sport ever) a quesadilla and throw a whole avocado and a jar of salsa his way, but that's about it. For a real treat I might buy him a sandwich at the deli.
Look at all the fun I'm having...

Middle and ending sounds

Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day

Digraph sorting
(my class loves this-hide the dots with a blank
card. Lift one card up quickly and replace. Have kids tell you how many dots they saw)
Vowel sort

How many claps (syllables)

Beginning sound sorts

Greater than Less than or equal
I Know a Round and Juicy Fruit and Apple Is It's Name, Oh!
 More songs!!!

I haven't even addressed math or science yet!
How about a 5 Senses sort?
Growth cycle of an apple, pumpkin, butterfly, plants?
Oh my!
I'm a card making maniac!
I'm mad that I have to go to the dentist today.

Give away bags ready to go...

I'm hand wrapping over 500 aprons.
Talk about positive thinking...

Packing up!

I love this quote.
Last year, some very kind women encouraged me to take on this whole apron adventure.
I had absolutely no confidence until they came along
(in fact, I didn't show anyone my apron for a full year).
They gave me courage and I think about them whenever I read this quote.
Since then, I have learned so much.
Running a small business after teaching all day has been a challenge.
My family and students come first. Always.
But I have grown in so many ways.
I don't sew, but I can purchase huge quantities of fabric and make paper patterns. I can cut fabric for hundreds of aprons and I know about the different qualities of buttons and vinyl. I can even return poorly sewn aprons to the manufacturer and discuss the issue when I would have preferred to be quiet.
My two latest accomplishments are driving to SF to pick up aprons (I hate to drive across the Bay Bridge. It's like the Indy 500 with 10 lanes merging and exiting) and learning how to make cards for the apron on the computer.
Seems small, I know.

I will tell you the best thing BY FAR is when your twenty something sons give you a hug and tell you that they're proud of you.

Thank you to the kind women (you know who you are are) who have encouraged me.
You turned my life around.
So true
Thanks for hanging in there!
This was a long post.


  1. Your aprons are so cute! In addition to teachers, I bet kids would love to wear them as a reward with sight words, etc. on them also! Love it!

  2. Thank you, Casey! Guess what?! We have kid sized aprons too. We are low in inventory and I need to make more! The kids love them!

  3. I am so very proud of you, my dear friend! You are amazing! I' m so excited to see you and your aprons and cards! I can't believe it's going to really happen! You do everything so beautifully and so special. I'm so happy for you!

  4. Right back at ya, sister! You are going to be a hit! Can't wait to see you! Safe journeys!!

  5. You know how much I love my Apron- have fun in Vegas- i'll be shouting you on FB

  6. I love this post, the quote, and you! I also love all of my beautiful aprons! Just think of how many children have had the joy of interacting with their teacher who was smart enough to buy one of your aprons. The joy you bring to the world is far reaching! Now get those tutu aprons up! The world needs them! :)
    Palma from KFUNdamentals

  7. These are really creative ideas! These aprons are really cute and it is the perfect way to teach kids. I will definitely try out this activity in my Phoenix pre-k class.

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