Saturday, August 1, 2015

Five for Friday

My summer has been non stop apron busy.
Happy and grateful, but tired.

I'm joining the Five for Friday a little late. Thank you Doodle Bugs!

I  have some big medical stuff going on this week and have had to get my classroom ready for a sub. We don't go back until August 19th, but I may still need more time to recover. My sub is someone I taught in 3rd grade and she's fabulous. She'll do beautifully,  it's me I'm worried about... I'll be broken hearted to miss the first day. I know I'm going to pay big-time for not being there to set up expectations. Oh dear.  I'll be playing M.C. Hammer's "Don't Touch That" song for weeks when I get back. Learning about "Teacher Land" is a MUST!!!!

Here's my classroom and some of the things I'm working on. I'm not out to recreate the wheel and these are my go-to bulletin boards for the beginning of the year.
I make this bulletin board every year and story tell "Mrs. Spitzer's Garden" by Edith Pattou at our "Meet the Teacher" get together. It's perfect because I look a lot like Mrs. Spitzer.  It's a very sweet book.

After the story, I have the kids make a giant sunflower with their parent. Then on the first day of school, the kids will glue a rim of sunflower seeds around the brown circle (it keeps them busy as mommy/daddy leave for the morning). I take their picture and place it in the middle of the sunflower.

I'm thinking of using our sunflower faces for props.

I'll teach them the song "Inch by Inch"to go along with it!

Calendar bulletin board.
Soooo much learning goes on here.

We'll make little chickies to go in the nest. 
Last year I had 29 little chickies and there is NO
way they'd fit in that itty, bitty nest. NO WAY!
Chicka Chicka, of course!
We'll take their pictures in those silly beach hats to go along with their torn paper name tags.
Biggest and most important reminder. 
A parent made this quilt a few years back. 
She traced each student's hand and made this just for me. I love it dearly.
 It's hanging in the dress up area.

I put all the lesson plans out for my sub to look at ahead of time. 
We'll meet soon to go over everything, but there's more than enough to keep my kinders busy with fun activities! Many of these ideas are from Pinterest and when I went back to find the posts , I was unable to find the original sources. Please, I'd like to give proper credit to the person/s who thougtht up these fun ideas! Let me know if you know a source that I've missed!

The Kissing Hand
The little poem is on the outside and inside is a picture of a student signing the I Love You.
The ever important Venn diagram
 We have a bus evacuation lesson scheduled the first week and it's the perfect opportunity to talk about how we get to school and to learn "Wheels On The Bus."
I also sing it with my apron. When I get brave I'll do a video...
 I teach the kids to cut a square out of the yellow rectangle and how to turn a square into a circle to make a wheel.

 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a must so here are only a few of the activities we'll be doing.
Torn paper names are from Deanna Jump's Unit.
 No, David and The Day The Monster Came to School are two of my favorites when we're setting up our classroom expectations.
 Great discussion for how to be a good listener ( and labeling).
 I love Chrysanthemum!!!
 Thank you, Deedee Wills for making our coloring soooooo much better!!
Her anchor charts are amazing. Go to her store for wonderful resources.
 On the first day we do this activity with play dough. It's just plain magical!!!
 This is fun for picture day.
I just found this last week and I can't find the source anywhere!
I'm sorry!
 While I'm recovering on the couch, I'll decorate envelopes to send my Welcome to Kindergarten note! They love getting mail and this is a fun way to get things going! Feel free to copy. I'd make it a freebie but I don't know how!!!!!

 I don't have the Five Little Lady Bugs song and Five Little Bumble Bees poem printed to go with these adorable wings I found at the Dollar Store.
Cute, eh?
I use my apron to sing these while the kids act out.

A few years back, I saw these shoes and thought they'd be perfect for teaching the kids how to tie their shoes. They're  a lot of work, but the kids/parents loved them. I place the shoes on the tables with a poem and a pencil that asks them to work on writing their name and tying their shoes.

Before you come to kindergarten there are two things you should do:
Learn to write your name,
And learn to tie your shoes!

Apron news:

I can't even tell you how surprised I was that our Tutu apron was a hit in Vegas. Not my thang. They definitely make me smile and everyone who tried one on looked precious. Personally, my hips don't need two more inches of fluff AND, even more importantly, it's not a tutu day every day in my classroom! HA! The regular apron is much more practical and I wear one every day. You can find all the different aprons in my tpt store Kinder-gardening.

We only brought 6 tutu aprons to Vegas and quickly realized we needed more! Close to 30 people preordered and I rushed home to get them going. We tried to stay true to the tulle colors when ordering fabric, but I have learned that fabric colors change quickly and we were unable to find the light pink glitter tulle. I did find a beautiful deep pink tulle with lots of glitter swirls. I love it and hope everyone will be happy!

The aprons had a top layer of very glittery tulle and let me tell you, my house is now sparkling in the day AND night. It looks like the Tooth fairy may live here. I'm covered in glitter and paint pretty much every day, so it's nothing new for me. But my husband, well let's just say he's had to explain his new look to a lot of people. Hahahahahhahaha!

I have almost gotten all the pre-ordered aprons ready to ship. I can't just pop them into a bag and be done with it. Oh no, I have to wrap each one in tissue and tie it up with a satin ribbon. I even have a care poem to go with it (it may be a poem but it's to be taken seriously!).

Because I am living with glitter daily, I decided to choose tulle with a beautiful shimmer for the next round of tutu aprons. It gives you that sparkle without all the mess.

I'm going to begin with 100 tutu aprons and see how we do. If they are a popular item, we'll make more. I'm going to begin with a classic black base apron (100% cotton, soft brushed twill), think prima ballerina, (doesn't show dirt), with either  lavender, aqua or light pink shimmer tulle. You can't tell from the pictures, but the material really has a beautiful sheen. See the pictures below:
Lavender Shimmer Tulle

Aqua Shimmer Tulle

Rosette Shimmer Tulle

I'm not going to post them until sewing is going full speed. The seamstress let me know that everything arrived and things should start moving on Monday. I don't like pre-orders and feel terrible when I don't have the apron in stock and then the customer has to wait. Any business person would tell you I'm nuts.

Oh dear. I hope everyone will be patient with me! They're on their way!!!!!!

In the meantime, I'll try to muster up some courage to show you videos of the apron in action!
And I hope to finish posting some more cards for phonemic awareness!

After my nap...

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