Sunday, September 20, 2015

Five for Friday

Late again! Thanks for hosting Doodle Bugs!

It was the invasion of the Praying Mantis this week!
We counted 32 as we walked around the primary building!
Well, it was just too amazing to ignore so we dropped everything we were doing to learn more!

Praying Mantis #minimal #minimalism #photography

I found this wonderful little nonfiction close reading pack by Class of Kinders that was PERFECT!!!! You can find it in her TPT store.
We watched movies, went outside to study them with our "looking eyes" and learned so much!
We made hats. 
I wish I'd taken a picture of someone wearing one. This looks boring...

We're learning about scientific method (we're using Kim Adsit's Science Unit. It's wonderful!!!) and formed a hypothesis about why they disappeared when it got cold. We collected data, and watched to see if they came back out when it warmed up.
What fun!
Look what I found after we had moved on!
How adorable is this?
This is from Danielles Place.

We ended our review of colors with paint mixing.
We used Mouse Paint as our theme, of course!
May I just say that I don't often come up with something that works really well. Something that I will use over and over...Well, putting your paint in catsup/mustard containers is a MUST for this activity. It makes putting the paint on the mice so much easier. It's fast and no one is waiting. I will admit that I still end up wearing most of the paint by the time this project is done, but it's an improvement from previous years.
This is another magical project that we'll do next week.
You should really check it out!!!

My TK kids put on the play of The Little Red Hen.
Cutest thing EVER!!!!
These were made into headbands.
I use my apron for our sight word every week.
On Monday, I simply have the sight word in my pocket ALL DAY!
We sing Heidi's sight word song for the and sing it ALL WEEK!

On Tuesday, I mix up the letters and they have to reorganize them for me.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I make a simple sentence for them to read as we go out for recess, play at recess, come in from recess, any transition time. I layer the picture cards so that I can change the sentence for each child. They love this and feel so proud. Sometimes I'll mix up the sentence. It drives them crazy and they help me unscramble.

This is an activity that we do during reading stations.

Autumn begins on Wednesday.
My husband and I were married  29 years ago on October 3rd!
Woot woot!

I think I've been making these for at least 20 years!

That's it!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope you get outside!
I love fall!
I love fall!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm joining the Five for Friday on a Saturday. Late again.
Thanks Doodle Bugs for hosting!

    I've neglected my little, teeny blog lately.
I'm not sure I have one original idea left!!!
I'm so impressed with everyone else, though.

I'm teaching kindergarten and TK and want to make sure that both groups have a year full of fun. My lesson planning takes a big chunk of time and I find myself working all weekend. I'm sure many of you are doing the same!

As I fall in love with whole new batch of precious children, my heart feels heavy with all the curriculum demands. I'll work very hard to ensure that my student's leaning is play based.
                                I love this example of a child's conversation while at play!

AND, I love this quote!
We had a bakery this week in our house area and the conversations were priceless. The bakers  invited our principal (she taught preschool, kinder and first forever) and served her cookies, muffins and many, many cups of tea. She couldn't "eat" fast enough and she made a fuss over every little thing. We all love her and I dearly appreciate her support of play. Now they want to deliver baked goods to the secretaries! I see some future business tycoons! Be sure to let them play!

We're doing our own version of Alphabet Bootcamp. B Day included beads in play dough!
And just to work on a little more fine motor, they add to delicately pull out their beads to reveal the impression underneath!

This is a not so clever version of Teeny Tiny Teacher's golden tag discipline idea. She's so talented and HER pockets are adorable. Mine, not so much...I was in a pinch and wanted something different to use with my new class, something for  my little watch-me-cross-that-line buddies and I needed it quick!!!!! It had to be positive and make total sense to a five year old pillar of strength. I had the McDonalds french fry holders and the laminated yellow fries sitting in a closet from a long ago never used idea. It's ridiculous, really, but somehow it works! The parents are totally confused... their children are telling them that I reward them with french fries.  :)
I also loved Teeny's idea about using the tags to teach a tally lesson as they count their points. Brilliant!

Actually, she has to be one of my favorite bloggers. After a hard day at school, I look forward to reading her posts. She can really make me laugh! Go and check her blog out if you haven't already!
I'll give you a french fry.

We made these little community heroes today in honor of 9/11.
The army gal second from the left has a Picasso look, don't you think? So cute!

I made these little pencil name thingys for the kids.
This group likes things to be very fair and these are perfect to keep track of turns.
I found this adorable idea on Pinterest.

So, this was hilarious.
It just goes to show you never know what will make them laugh and learn at the same time!

We're learning number writing and recognition. I wrote what felt like 200 numbers (I'm old) all over our small playground with chalk and yelled out a number for them to run and stand on. While we had some near misses,  and old Mrs. Welch almost had a heart attack, they had a blast! Sometimes I would yell out a number's poem for fun! This game will lead into the next game called Remainders that I saw somewhere on line. You call out a number, say 3, and they have to run around and form groups of three. Whoever is left over are the "Remainders" and are first to be in a group in the next round!
I hope that made sense!

Finally, those silly shimmer tutu aprons are adding a whole lot of fluff to my dining room! All the shine without the glitter. My husband and I were covered for months in sparkles with the last batch. It was nothing new for an old kindergarten teacher, but my husband had some explaining to do to the river guides he employs! HA!
I'll get brave soon and post some apron songs in action !
I posted some ideas a few weeks back. You can see them here.
I apologize ahead of time!
And, finally
I'm new to TK and have fallen for my four year olds in a big way. They are so literal and I have to really be careful how I say things. I laugh all day long. They are the dearest, most joyful little people.
I have  my kids stand behind their chairs with all their gear at dismissal time. My kinders have this procedure down, but my TKs are not so sure this serious stuff is important. I was standing at the door, and turned my back for five seconds, I swear! When I looked back, all the TK kids were hiding under their table, giggling. I'm afraid they may have figured out my sense of humor already and it was all I could do to not laugh. They were peeking up from under the table with rascally looks. 
I'm in big trouble!

The big news this week is that we can walk in a line!!!
Sort of.
Have a great weekend!