Sunday, September 20, 2015

Five for Friday

Late again! Thanks for hosting Doodle Bugs!

It was the invasion of the Praying Mantis this week!
We counted 32 as we walked around the primary building!
Well, it was just too amazing to ignore so we dropped everything we were doing to learn more!

Praying Mantis #minimal #minimalism #photography

I found this wonderful little nonfiction close reading pack by Class of Kinders that was PERFECT!!!! You can find it in her TPT store.
We watched movies, went outside to study them with our "looking eyes" and learned so much!
We made hats. 
I wish I'd taken a picture of someone wearing one. This looks boring...

We're learning about scientific method (we're using Kim Adsit's Science Unit. It's wonderful!!!) and formed a hypothesis about why they disappeared when it got cold. We collected data, and watched to see if they came back out when it warmed up.
What fun!
Look what I found after we had moved on!
How adorable is this?
This is from Danielles Place.

We ended our review of colors with paint mixing.
We used Mouse Paint as our theme, of course!
May I just say that I don't often come up with something that works really well. Something that I will use over and over...Well, putting your paint in catsup/mustard containers is a MUST for this activity. It makes putting the paint on the mice so much easier. It's fast and no one is waiting. I will admit that I still end up wearing most of the paint by the time this project is done, but it's an improvement from previous years.
This is another magical project that we'll do next week.
You should really check it out!!!

My TK kids put on the play of The Little Red Hen.
Cutest thing EVER!!!!
These were made into headbands.
I use my apron for our sight word every week.
On Monday, I simply have the sight word in my pocket ALL DAY!
We sing Heidi's sight word song for the and sing it ALL WEEK!

On Tuesday, I mix up the letters and they have to reorganize them for me.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I make a simple sentence for them to read as we go out for recess, play at recess, come in from recess, any transition time. I layer the picture cards so that I can change the sentence for each child. They love this and feel so proud. Sometimes I'll mix up the sentence. It drives them crazy and they help me unscramble.

This is an activity that we do during reading stations.

Autumn begins on Wednesday.
My husband and I were married  29 years ago on October 3rd!
Woot woot!

I think I've been making these for at least 20 years!

That's it!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope you get outside!
I love fall!
I love fall!

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