Saturday, October 31, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Halloween Party Friday. I've never been so happy to see a weekend. Whew, I'm exhausted and feel I deserve the extra hour of sleep!

Thank you doodle Bugs for hosting my favorite weekly linky party!
I'm not sure I have five things to post about. Hmmmm, let's see...

I saw this idea on Facebook and thought it would be fun to try.
I love the candy corn costume! I certainly have the right figure for it!
Princess was the winner, however. I thought I might have queen status by now, but I believe they think princesses are prettier!! Made my day! You know how it goes, as soon as one little girl draws a princess, they all decide to draw the same. Princess it was!! I threw on my tutu apron and tiara and put the word princess in the pockets. Teachable moment! It gave me an opportunity to tell them about c and e. We use Zoophonics and so I explained that Catina Cat and Ellie Elephant are close friends and  sometimes, when they are together, Catina makes a soft s sound.  Easy peesy!

Isn't this picture of a princess costume spectacular? What an artist!!!

We learned about pumpkins, owls and bats. I can't believe I didn't take more pictures.
My favorite things are the pumpkin faces! So much fun to sing and/or act out pumpkin songs and poems!

These are our Busy Baskets. I teach TK this year and sometimes when they arrive, I'm busy finishing up with my kinders. The Tk kids know to grab their assigned Busy Basket and work on whatever skill I've placed inside for them. I change up the manipulative every few days to make it more fun. This is a 1 to 1 correspondence job.

We're decomposing numbers and I made some bat and cat mats to practice with candy corn. I was going to trim the lamination and decided to keep it so that they could write on it for fun. Or maybe the bell rang and I couldn't trim fast enough and just gave up!
We'll use this next week to decompose  to 5 as we go in or out the door!

I'm making a holiday walking pocket chart apron for a sweet friend. 
I thought this fabric would look good with a cheery red or green fabric!
What do you think?
I'm making some children's aprons for the Northern and Southern California  Kindergarten Conferences! We'll try to make some tutu children's aprons also.

Happy weekend to you all. I'm going to try NOT to eat all the chocolate candies in the Halloween Trick or Treat bowl!!

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  1. Oh my goodness you ARE a princess! I did not get ONE princess, by the way, but several witches. So there you go. Love the candy corn! How clever. The aprons are so sweet! I love the candycane fabric! I like it with the red! :) Your owls, bats, cats, and pumpkins are so doggone cute! I feel like we should have set the clocks back more than an hour! What a week it was!