Saturday, December 19, 2015

Late for Friday, Let's Make It Saturday!!

Hello!!!! It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been busy with my little buddies and trying so hard to make the holiday season special for them. I'm happy to be joining in with Kacey's Five for Friday. Thank you so very much Doodle Bugs.
This will be quick. I don't know if anyone else does this, but I don't shop for my own family until I'm done with my kinders. It's not pretty, folks. I'm that person you see on the news that's shopping up until Christmas Eve. We have no Christmas tree, lights or homemade goodies.
We tried the Rudolph directed draw again this year. I couldn't love them more.
I have a dear friend who taught kindergarten for 30 years. Every year when I put up our art for the Spring Show, he teases me and points out that the projects look a little too perfect. I will admit to helping them too much in the past. This year, I'm teaching TK (4 year olds) as well and I have completely backed off of correcting what I used to consider mistakes or undone projects. I teach the process of how to paint and let them go. If they love it , that's all that counts. If I "fix" things, I'm teaching them that what they do doesn't count, it isn't good enough. What a a rotten message to send! You can see lots of white spaces that would have driven me crazy in the past,
 The expressions are priceless.
In fact, I've had some of these looks on my face...
"Could you say that a little more slowly, please?"

"Why would you think it would be ok to go outside without your shoes?"
"Of course I know I have glitter on my face."
You look beautiful today, Mrs. Welch.

 We're working on our pesky teens.
I want them to understand what makes a teen number and love our base ten cards.
Of course, we build with manipulatives first and play lots of games. They're getting it. I may have caused an issue though... while introducing the numbers we decided that whoever came up with the names eleven, twelve, thirteen and fifteen weren't making sense. They should have been called oneteen, twoteen threeteen and fiveteen. They giggled and though that was so funny! Well, let's just say I've had to correct a few of my friends when they count out loud.

Random art projects and parent gift bag.

Holiday program prep.
I know that many of you spent last weekend getting ready for your program. I hot glue gunned hair necessities, steam straightened tutus and ironed vests.
And made gingerbread men.
Rudolph hairdo pieces,
 tutus fluffed,
vests ironed and ready to go.

We used the apron to learn how to spell Santa and sing the silly song set to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.
I'm not into the video thing. I'm sort of shy. And old.
Here's another dorky video that might be helpful for teachers who have another week before vacation!

I love this...

Happy weekend!