Saturday, February 27, 2016

Five for Friday

Happy Five for Friday!
Thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting.
This will be quick...
We'll celebrate Leap Year on Monday.
Of course, we have to use the apron for 5 Little Speckled Frogs,
We'll also do a directed drawing of a frog and then write about frogs, make a frog visor, and play a hopping game with our sight words (those silly looking green things are lilly pads).
Perfect timing for frogs hopping on number lines!

I'm only showing this because it took sooooo long to complete and I FINALLY got it up on the wall. Now that I'm looking at this, it's hard to tell that those are heart blocks...hmmmm.
I had to put it on top of my thermostat and have to reach up under the paper quilt every morning. Pain in the patootie!!

We're counting collections in math right now and the kids couldn't love it more!
We had to count our daffodils before they went up on the board.

I put out collections around the room and they rotated with a partner. First, they had to make a guess, then they used the ten frames to figure out the real amount.

We used Deanna Jump's American Symbols unit. 
America Math and Literacy Fun
I can't recommend this packet enough.
Not only did our kids learn a lot but our parents loved it, too! 
Look at all this art. The flags and Liberty Bell couldn't even fit!

We also watched a wonderful directed drawing lesson on the Liberty Bell.
Look at this picture that one of my kids drew during free play time!!

All my kids are asking their parents if they can fly across the country this weekend to see the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell! HA!

I'm spending the weekend getting ready for the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. It's more work than I would have ever thought, but definitely a labor of love.
I hope to see some of you there!
Happy weekend!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Five for Friday on a Saturday!

Here's my Five Words for Friday on a Saturday! Thank you Kacey for hosting!

We did directed drawing lessons for President's Day.
I'm pretty sure we all do Lincoln and Washington.
You can find the directed drawing instructions for Obama here:

Directed draw of President Obama. 

I love morning glories, as does my friend Carolyn Kisloski (she posted about her Morning Glory project this week).
Here's a little poem to go with it for the kids !

Morning Glories are my favorite flower,
They rise and shine at an early hour.
They like to climb and cling to things,
And they're ready for whatever the daylight brings.
They're bright and happy and sometimes blue,
They grow so fast it can't be true.
Why do I like them? Can't you see?
Morning glories are just like me!

Here's an old post about hats...
In the fall, I posted about a pumpkin hat that I'd seen on a Martha Stewart site. It is so cute and my kids love it. I remembered that they also showed how to make a morning glory and a rose crepe paper hat, so off I went to her site.
I had fun making a mini one first and then I tried the larger size. HA!
These didn't turn out as I had hoped. My friend told me about a site where they have pictures of failed projects. First they show what  it's supposed to look like and then there's a picture of the botched up version. I should submit these pictures!

Daffodils are blooming !!
Coffee filters dabbed with liquid color.
We only dabbed in a few spaces and left for library time.
When we returned the color had spread!
I precut the coffee filters ahead of time.
Smoosh upward.
Glue on a cupcake paper.
If you're using colored cupcake cups, turn them inside out
so that you can see the color!

I made baskets this week for addition and subtraction strategies
 and found this wonderful packet of posters on TPT by Class of Kinders.
I love them!
Solving Math Problems {Strategy Posters for Addition} Common Core
This basket is my favorite! Our timing is perfect.
 Numberlines and froggies for Leap Year!!!!

I'll be spending today getting ready for the Southern California Conference in Pasadena, California.
It's my favorite conference to attend and beautifully organized!

 Almost ready to go!
My TPT store:

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Directed Draw

Directed draw for Barack Obama!

This is a fun and easy directed art lesson. When I teach directed art lessons I often don't talk! I just draw and they follow along.  My kids have grown to prefer this method and will often ask me to be quiet while I model. I'm pretty sure this isn't a compliment...
I'll try not to "talk." Instead, I'll post picture by picture.

Just a little direction is required for the teacher.
First, we gather all the necessary materials.
Needed: 3 small crayons, black, skin colored and blue, all peeled
White drawing paper

I will often model the whole drawing at carpet before the group draw.
(For some, this is all you need to do.
I have TK in with K and they need more direction sometimes.
I want this to be fun and they can become overwhelmed).
After the demonstration, I excuse the kids so they can set up their materials.
I tape my paper up on the closet door (my easel) where everyone can see.
We talk about how each picture will be unique and special and I tell them to just try their best!!
We try to stay together...
Without talking, I hold up a black crayon until everyone holds up theirs,
 and then I write my name on the lower left hand corner of the paper.
I have also taught my kids to wait until I am done before they draw,
but I really don't mind if they want to scoot ahead.
You get the idea!
Sometimes we play soft music while we draw.
It's supposed to be quiet (ha!) and calm while we work (ha! ha!).
Hope springs eternal!  :)
We're five after all... and I adore their comments.

You'll have to talk about ovals verses circles. This is by far the toughest part. A face is more of an oval. They can practice on the back of the paper with pencil. I've also done directed draws with the oval or circle already drawn.

Here are the pictures:
Gather materials, draw an oval.

Ears should go down half way, centered on either side of his head.
He has a warm, wonderful smile that we noticed in every picture. The kids loved this.
 Color in the face.
Teach them how to lay the crayon on its side and push to color.
 Add the eyes after they have colored in his face or the eyes will smudge.
Eyes are placed across from ears.
Add short hair that goes from ear to ear.
I'm terrible at noses and the kids will often draw their own preferred version.
 We put him in a suit and tie because he is an important guy!!!!
Add shoulders, a v for the collar and a circle for the tie.

Have them color in his suit and background the same way as mentioned above.
Easy Peasy! A very handsome President Obama! Their versions always turn out better than mine!