Saturday, February 6, 2016

Five for Friday!

Happy weekend! Thanks Doodle Bugs for hosting!

I'll be quick (ha!)... these are things I love to do for Valentines Day.
Here are a bunch of old posts that have my favorites!
All things love this coming week!!

One of my favorite books for Valentines is called "The Giant Hug" written by Sandra Horning and Illustrated by Valerie Gorbachev.  I'm pretty sure that many of you have already seen it. Oh my gosh! It is just about the cutest story ever! It's about a little pig who wants to send his grandma a hug in the mail-a REAL hug. The story is very entertaining and I love the surprise ending.  Too cute!

After I found the book, up pops the perfect valentine activity to go along with it from I saw their sweet idea on Pinterest and got right to work on a sample. Just measure your child's wingspan in ribbon, cut out their hand prints and decorate with hearts! It was super easy. Their little message that went with it was very cute but I decided to write a poem. Feel free to use it for your own long distance hug project! Happy Valentine's Day!

Another great book for storytelling is "Four Valentines in a Rainstorm"By Felicia Bond.  First of all, the story is adorable and stands beautifully on its own. Whether you choose to story-tell it or not, find a copy-you'll love it.

To story tell...

Be sure to dress as the main character. I wear one of my aprons with clear pockets with a Sou'wester rain hat and galoshes as I retell the story. Reaching up to catch hearts, I place them into each of pockets. Have all the hearts that she describes for each of the animals premade and hidden from view. 

 I have opened our Valentine's Day with this story and I have ended our day with it as well. I recommend starting off your day with it-the kids are exhausted at the end of the party and don't listen as well, my eyes are crossed and I'm usually unable to string together a complete sentence by then. Story-tell when you are fresh!

The picture shows some of the props. So, go find your slicker, galoshes and Sou'-wester - even a navy peacoat, beret and red scarf would do. Or, if you have one of my aprons, use that! I can assure you that the kids will love this imaginative story  of kindness.

For our parent valentine gift we turn the kids into love bugs. In fact, they are a giant walking Valentine Bug. The picture doesn't do it justice so I've included some close ups for you,

First the kids sponge paint a giant heart with glitter tempera paint. We usually use pink, red and a shade of purple. They glue it onto a slightly larger piece of white paper shaped like a heart. Then I cut the larger piece to look like lace. Next they take a hole bunch and go to town making little holes on the white portion of lace. Yes, it's a mess and yes, I often end up helping them finish. But the results are beautiful.

 Next, they glue down the following poem right in the middle of the heart (Once again, I have done this forever and have no idea where the poem came from. If anyone has seen it before and knows who the author is, let me know so I can give them credit!). I sometimes outline it with puffy paint. In this picture I smudged it up by accident.

Dear Mom and Dad:
I could not find a Valentine
Just for you that I could sign.
So...I thought, you see..
That I would give you ME!

2 eyes that smile...2 lips that kiss
And all my LOVE goes with this.
So here I am for you so fine...
Here's just ME... Your Valentine!
I love you!

Finally, we take a third heart (same size as the white sponge painted one) and we tie the "shoulders together to make it into a sandwich board and to finish it off we add little angel wings made out of doilies.

The hat is a spin-off from a spider hat that we make in October. You can't see but the feet are made of patterned paper hearts.

Let me tell you that when the boys get a look at this project they always make it perfectly clear  that there is no way they are wearing this cutesy get up, even for mom! I raised boys and I have a picture of them crying in this outfit  SO... the new improved boy version (or girls, if they want) has tennis shoes and sunglasses. Cool dudes!

To keep my current boys from crying, I am thinking of making some neat jet packs from upside down 2-litter soda bottles sprayed gray with tissue-paper flames. The idea came from They called them Bottle Blasters. I have been looking for an excuse to make them and I have a feeling those would be a hit! Now I have to come up with a poem about love that is "out of this world" (and I better get busy drinking soda).

These are Kandinsky circles done on black paper with pastels. It took two 40 minute art periods to complete.

I showed a little candy hearts valentine necklace on my Five for Friday post. It's pretty obvious how to make it but I have a few tips that you don't generally do until you've flubbed it up a few times.

I've flubbed it up. More than once.

The glue gun step is my sister's idea and I think it's super smart. You just have to move quickly before the glue dries. It totally eliminates candy falling out and having to tighten or correct lacing!

I like to use a wider satin ribbon rather than yarn ; it unravels unless you roll a piece of tape on the end. Labor intensive if you have a big class.

Every year we make a paper quilt. It's a tedious job but the outcome is always beautiful.
I found this quilt pattern on Pinterest and tried to copy it using scrapbooking paper.
click on the image below for a freebie
 free pdf

Simply Hearts
Here's our finished project. I have a friend who quilts come in and talk to the kids about the process. She happens to have taught first grade for 32 years and is the absolute perfect person to run this station. I'm sure she takes some Advil before she arrives.  :)
It starts off with some precise cutting. And lots of little, tiny pieces. The size that the "janitor guy" hates to see. I make sure I'm gone for the day before he sees my classroom.


  1. Ha ha - what a super post so full of fun and creativity :) Lovely to meet you and you look like you've had a great time in your classroom this week! Have a restful weekend and recharge your batteries :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. Love the ME valentine and the Kandinsky heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE. As in gonna do! And pinned, pinned, pinned. Thanks, Sandy. See you later. Kathleen

  3. Sandy, your projects A.M.A.Z.E. me!!! WOW. So creative and just beautiful. I love the jet pack idea for your sweet boys, too. I've never seen The Giant Hug- and now I need it! Thank you for telling me about it!