Friday, March 18, 2016

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bug's Five for Friday.
Thank you Kacey for hosting!

This is what bulletin boards look like when St. Patrick's Day
 and spring/bunny fun are celebrated in the same week.
A big jumble of cuteness with
Leprechauns, spring bonnets and bunnies.
I'm shaking my head at this mess.
It pretty much sums up my week.

Best purchase EVER.
I used to hand draw little shoes across the floor and table on St. Patrick's Day. 
Silly me.
Took me hours and it was amusing how the shoes kept growing and shrinking
in size as the path went on and on.
Truth be told, I lost that stamp for about two years and found it last week, 
tucked way back in the closet.
I almost cried...

 I tried the walking rainbow this year.
We made it the day before St. Patrick's Day
and it just wasn't moving very quickly.
The kids were a little disappointed 
but when they arrived for all the Leprechaun fun 
look what they found!

We always have to make the egg pile!

The traps were amazing this year!
One even had a working light switch!
This note was attached to one of the traps
and I was so impressed because it
 written by one of my youngest kids! Wow!

These were also written by a little one.
I was so excited for her! 
We were out at recess and she kept running to new places
on the playground, writing letters as she stretched out her sounds/words.
I've put on a little weight and hope this first word wasn't for me!
I got caught eating their snack (mouth full of goldfish crackers) and one of the kids said (lovingly) that I was being a little piggy.
These five year old people are pretty darn honest...

Proud teacher!

I noticed the other day that the dandelions are blooming.
To me, that means I better find some little clear containers
 to make my graduation wish jars(I posted about this idea last year).
It will be a while before they turn to puffs, but I'm going to be ready this year!
The results are magical and the kids love them!
I try to find plastic jars for safety.
These are salt shakers and I think the air holes help.

Happy weekend!
I'm going to be out in my backyard.
Look what's blooming!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Five for Friday!

Happy Five for Friday!
Thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting.
Here comes a tough week! We have bonnets, leprechaun silliness, 
and our annual easter egg hunt.
Thank goodness report cards were last week!
I love this silly beard that I found on Pinterest a while ago.

We'll go on a hunt Thursday,
ending with a big pot full of gold coins and treats.

I end the day with a very silly magic cooking project
 that I posted about here.

I found these at the grocery store and couldn't resist.
My kids love tic tac toe!

 I made teeny cards that we could put in each box to change the emphasis.

This is old. We made our little lambs and fierce lions at the end of February and we were guessing what kind of weather we would have to begin the month of March. In California, the weather came in like a lamb but at the moment, it's definitely like a lion! !

I like last year's lions better, but don't tell my kinders!

This is the only medal that will ever matter to me. 
I cried and then I wore it proudly all day.

We had a great time at the Southern Kindergarten Conference.
It's beautifully run and definitely my favorite.
I love meeting teachers!
The most difficult part is having to sit in the booth while
everyone else gets to listen to all the wonderful presenters.
Pouty girl.
I was included in the Blogger's Bash and rotated to tables
with one of my own favorite blogger/presenters, Fran Kramer.
She is the kindest person and made me feel welcomed and included.
I was WAY out of my league.
I overheard one of the other bloggers
mention that one of her posts had received over 1000 views.
I'm happy if I get 40.
Really happy.
As a matter of fact, I have more organic farmer followers than teachers.
They read the Kinder-gardening as kinder-as in NICE.
Oh dear.
Anyway, the event was very thoughtfully organized
and everyone was so kind.
I can't believe I didn't take pictures!
Happy weekend!