Monday, March 18, 2019

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Just for fun...another silly poem.
I use this with my apron:

Billy Goats Gruff
This is the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. 
A family of three who lived on a bluff. 
All day they would wander around like goat kings
Eating grass, butting heads, and doing other goat things
Until one day they woke up before it was dawn
To find that the grass on their bluff was all gone.
But across the creek was another big hill,
And that one was green and had grass on it still.
So to get to that grass, they just had to sneak,
Across the bridge, that crossed the creek.
But under the bridge lived an ugly green troll,
And protecting the bridge was that troll’s only goal.
And as long as they could remember, as long as they’d lived,
They’d always been too scared to cross over the bridge.
Then the little goat said: “I’ll be the first one to go!
Maybe he won’t hear me if I just tip toe.”
Clip, clop, clip, clop, he started across,
But immediately the troll appeared from the moss.
“Who goes there?” he shouted.
“Who’s up to no good?”
“It’s just me,” said the little goat, as brave as he could. “
I’m going to eat you,” said the troll, “I am the bridge’s defender.”
“But wait,” said the little one, “the next goat’s more tender.”
“Oh” said the troll, “in that case, you may cross.”
“I’ll wait for the next one, and eat it with sauce!”
Then the middle goat decided to give it a shot
“If I run really fast, I’ll never get caught”
Clip, clop, clip, clop, came goat number two
And immediately to the bridge the ugly troll flew.
“Who goes there?” he shouted. “Who’s crossing the river?”
“It’s just me,” said the middle goat, starting to quiver.
“I’m going to eat you,” said the troll, with vim and with vigor
“But wait,” said the middle one, “the next goat is bigger.”
“Oh” said the troll, “in that case, keep moving.”
“I’ll wait for the next one, since the meal keeps improving!”
So then it was time for the big goat to move along,
 Maybe he won’t bother me, if I sound really strong.
Clip, clop, clip, clop, he stomped as loud as he could,
But immediately on the bridge the ugly troll stood.
“Who goes there?” he shouted.
“Can’t you see my blockade?”
“It’s me,” said the big goat, “and I’m not afraid.”
“I’m going to eat you,” said the troll,
“I’m going to eat you whole!”
But the big goat just stood there and stared at the troll.
Then before the big goat could move, as quick as a flash,
The troll jumped off the bridge and made a big splash.
So the big goat crossed over and was greeted with laughter,
And on the new hill they all lived, happily ever after.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Graduation Poem

Here's this year's poem!
I hope it makes you laugh!

Each How Much I Love You
2017  Kindergarten Graduation

Well we’ve come to graduation, how fast the year has gone,
It’s time to take your sneakers off and put your flip-flops on.

It’s time to put your pencil down and remove your thinking cap,
It’s time for you to take a trip and for me to take a nap.

But before we break for summer, and out the door I shove you,
I want to take a moment, to tell you each how much I love you.

Mary I love your talent, your artwork is always so great.
I love the way you focus and the way you concentrate.

Ricky I love your vigor, your spirit, and your bounce,
You set the world-wide record for energy per ounce.

Mark I love your persistence; in diligence you have no peers.
I’m grateful every day, that I got to have you for two years.

Sharon I love your vision. Oh, the world you will explore,
But before you go a ‘wandering, please pick up your jacket off the floor.

Amy I love your confidence and the way you rock those kicks,
Next year when you’re my teacher-buddy, I’ll teach you all my tricks. (She's TK)

Mia you are so beautiful, so elegant and so fine,
Thank you for always helping me, keep everyone in line.

Brad I love your smart humor and your kindness until the end.
You’ll never be anybody’s fool and you’ll always be everybody’s friend.

Karl I’ll miss your silliness and your hearty belly laugh;
But maybe not your other sounds that break the seismograph. (I had a group of boys who loved making burping and other noises ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!)

Danielle I love your happiness, you’re like sunshine on demand,
But remember: even happiness doesn’t give you permission to enter Teacher Land.

And Eric, Eric, Eric, you lover of dinosauries,
I am really going to miss, listening to all your stories.

Faith you are so honest, so peaceful and polite,
I know one thing for certain: your parents named you right.

Harry I love your coolness and your always-graceful way;
I have a feeling that when you grow up, I’ll have to pay to see you play.

Vicky you are so helpful, always happy and so kind,
I even love the way you talk more than everyone else combined.

John I love your sweetness, and your quiet, easy style,
You barely made any noise, but I could always hear you smile.

And Danny I love your passion, the way you bring it every day,
I’ll miss your sense of humor; or wait a minute, is that Tray?

And Tray I love your questions, your curiosity so keen,
I’ll miss your sense of wonder; or wait a minute, is that Jean? (I had Triplets and the boys were identical-I mixed them up. Every. Single. Day.)

Charlie I love your style, since I met you I’ve been impressed,
No one walks through my door, better looking or better dressed.

Timmy I’ll miss your impact, your boldness and your strive,
I’ll also miss hearing you coming, five minutes before you arrive.

Allie I’ll miss your helpfulness, so generously applied,
I don’t know how I’ll make it next year, without you by my side. (little teacher)

Kelsie I love your sweetness, you are so gentle and so kind;
Please check your cubby before going, I’m sure something is left behind.

Sue-Ann I love your initiative, your confidence so large,
And I love your constant vigor, to always be in charge.

Nancy I’ll miss your curiosity, and your intellect so rare.
I’ll think of you whenever, I see a ribbon in someone’s hair.

Missy I love your dependability and the way you prioritize,
But oh my goodness what I wouldn’t give, if I could have your eyes.

And Ella I love your kindness, your affection and compassion,
But oh my goodness what we all wouldn’t give, to have your sense of fashion.

Sally, I’ll miss your joy, your animation, and your grace,
But most of all I’ll miss, the beautiful expressions on your face.

Jay I love your imagination, I can’t wait to watch you soar;
We taught you how to be a Kinder, but you taught us so much more.

And last, of course, is Matt, our man of steady pace.
Thanks for reminding all of us, that it is the turtle who wins the race. (Last one out to recess, last one done with lunch, slowest walker, etc.)

And all of you together, well you make me grin from ear to ear!
We’ve had a fun adventure; it’s been a wonderful year.

But now it’s on to First Grade, and then Grades Two and Three,
And lickety split, before you know it, you’ll be as old as me.

You’ll be doctors and farmers and fancy cake bakers.
You’ll be pilots and poets and computer game makers.

You’ll be dancers twirling in tutus, you’ll be firefighters covered in cinders,
But whatever you are, for the rest of your lives, you’ll always be my Kinders.

So, my wishes for you come in one last little burst:
I hope you always remember to put other people first.

I hope you always remember to sing and to dance,
And I hope you never find frogs in your underpants.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Five Poems for Friday!

Happy Five for Friday!! Thank you Kacey for hosting!
Summer vacation started last week so I have nothing. 
Absolutely nothing!
I did begin to clean my classroom and threw out 20 years of lesson plans. 
That's right, 20 years.

I've been teaching for over 30 years and just couldn't part with the last ten years worth of lesson plan books. Give me a few days.
It almost made me sick to my stomach and I actually shed a nostalgic tear.
A whole lot of thought went into those plans...
So, because I seriously doubt that you want to see 
pictures of the disaster that I call my classroom, 
I thought I'd share 5 of my own silly poems I use throughout the year.

Here's the original graduation poem. 
Each year I make a list of my kids and memorable characteristics and then write 
a line for every child. 

Well we've come to graduation, how fast the year has gone,
It's time to take your sneakers off and put your flip-flops on.
It's time to put your pencil down and remove your thinking cap;
It's time for you to take a trip, and for me to take a nap.
But before we break for summer and out the door I shove (use a silly voice) you;
I want to take a moment, to tell you each how much I love you.
Annie I love your beautiful eyes, and Kenny I love your giggle;
And Michael I love the way you wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
David I love the way you think and Peter the way you care.
And Christy what I would give, if I could have your hair
Sally I love your artistry and Kathy the way you sing;
And Laura I am forever thankful that you found the diamond from my ring*.
Brian I love your tenderness; And Katie I love your heart.
And Taylor I love the way you are so very smart.
Natalie I love your sweetness, Betty I love your compassion;
And Crsytal please don't ever, lose your sense of fashion.
And Joey, Joey, Joey, how much I love your zest!
I cannot wait for next year (but first I need some rest).
And all of you together! Well, you make me grin from ear to ear.
We've had a fun adventure; it's been a wonderful year.
But now it's on to first grade; and then grades two and three.
And lickity split, before you know it, you'll be as old as me.
You'll be doctors and farmers and fancy cake bakers.
You'll be pilots and poets and computer game makers.
You'll be rock stars covered with shiny jewels, you'll be fireman covered in cinders.
But whatever you are, for the rest of your life, you'll always be my Kinders.
So, my wishes for you come in one last little burst.
I hope you always remember to put other people first.
I hope you always remember to sing and to dance.
And I hope you never find frogs in your underpants.
(this line always get lots of laughs)

Here's last year's adjusted portion of the poem without the beginning or ending...

2015 Graduation Poem

Tony I love your laugh and Kate I love your smile,
And Annie I really admire, your fashionista style.

Kyle I love the way you think and Sue the way you care,
And Sally what I would give, if I could have your hair.

And my three little sidekick buddies, Mary, Martha and Sammie,
You could probably teach the class, every day without me.

I wish I had dimples like Lori’s and charm like Kate’s.
Jamie, someday you’ll be, President of the United States.

Kayla I love your neatness and Mac your Lego play,
And Tim and Ben I’m sure, you’ll make it to the NBA.

Michael I love the way you dream and Carol the way you sing.
And Alice I wouldn’t have made it, if you hadn’t told me everything.

Nat I think you’re sweet, Taylor I think you’re funny.
Pat, I’m glad you’re leaving, before I run out of money (I called him Nat by accident all the time. I had to pay him a penny every time I made the mistake. He was rich by the end of the year!)

Daniel I love your bashful smile, Vicky I love your grace.
And Georgia I wish I had your freckles on my face.

Chris you are so nice, there’s no one you don’t like,
And Laura I love how you are a ballerina on the bike.

Here are the changes I made this year. I had a small class, so it's short!
Again, this is without the beginning and end of the poem...

Tommy I love your energy, you're so athletic and so strong.
And Rachael I love your twinkle, you're as happy as the day is long.
Tim I love your enthusiasm, I wish I had your boundless passion.
And Patty...well, everyone wishes, I had your sense of fashion.
Tim, I love your enthusiasm, and whatever it is that makes you hum.
And Billy I'm excited for your future, I can't wait to see what you become.
Anita I love your serenity and the artistic way you write.
And Rebecca: how is it that something so tiny, can shine a light that is so bright?
Sally, I don't know if it will be you or if it will be Denise,
But one of you will give the world wisdom, and the other will give us world peace.
Sam and Mac, you are my angels; I love how much you care.
And Katie, you are my Buddha, I love how you're always aware.
And Darin, Darin, Darin, you're our Ever Ready Bunny,
Oh how we all wish, that we were half as funny.

The kids and parents enjoy the poem and always ask for a copy!


About two weeks before school begins, I send a decorated envelope with a little poem for each student and a letter about the Meet and Greet for the parents.
Here's the poem for the kids:
Dear Kindergartner,
Kindergarten is almost here
And I can hardly wait.
I've been working in our classroom,
And it is looking great.
There's crayons, there's pencils,
And a place to read a book.
There's trucks, there's dolls,
And a place where we can cook!
We have nametags on the desks,
And pictures on the wall.
There's so much for us to see and do,
I cannot list them all.
So I want you to come to school early
And take a little look.
We can pick your cubby and make new friends.
If you're quiet I'll read a book.
We'll play some games and learn some names
And maybe tell some jokes.
We'll fill out papers and sign some forms,
So you better bring your folks.
On August thirteenth
That's the date,
At 5 O'clock in the kindergarten room.
(don't be late).
So, don't miss out and don't be shy,
And Thursday I will greet you.
Kindergarten is almost here,
And I can't wait to meet you!

Here's the short version of my favorite poem:

My flip-flops are my favorite shoes,
I wear them every day.
I take them on vacation
And always out to play.

I wear them to the swimming hole,
I wear them to the sea.
I wear them to my friend's house,
And when I climb a tree.

I wear them to the movies,
I wear them to the store.
I always make sure they're on my feet
When I head out the door.

I love the way they show my toes,
The way they go "Thwack, thwack."
And when I'm walking by myself
I sometimes "thwack, thwack" back.

I guess it's time I changed my shoes,
And came up with another plan.
But even after I put them away,
I can keep my awesome tan!

Or as an alternate ending you could use:

I guess it's time I put them away
They're looking sort of old.
Besides, summer's almost over,
and it's starting to get cold.


What will I be for Halloween?

A pumpkin, a princess, a cowboy, a queen?
What will I be for Halloween?

A witch, a wizard, a Ninja, a tree?
I just don’t know what I should be.

A lion that roars or a bird that tweets,
I want to be something that gets lots of treats.

A pirate, a prince, a monster, a mouse,
Or maybe a ghost from an old haunted house.

Should I be creepy or should I be scary?
Should I be a spider, or an alien, or a beautiful fairy?

I could be a doctor or a dragon, or a race-car driver.
I could be a fireman or a snowman or a deep-sea diver.

I could be Elvis or Elmo or Bambi or Belle
I could be Nemo or Nala or I could be Ariel.

It is so hard to decide what I want to be,
I’m glad that the rest of the year I get to be me.

( I always offer an alternate ending. Not sure any my kids would ever want to dress like me, and I don't think I'm prettier than a princess, but it rhymed!)

There are so many costumes in which I could be dressed
But it must be special, it must be the best.

I know it, I’ve got it, I figured it out.
This is the best Halloween costume without a doubt.

Prettier than a princess and more creative than a creature,

I’m going to be my Kindergarten teacher!


Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey’s in the oven, the peas are in the pot.
The pie is on the windowsill until it’s not so hot.

The potatoes are on the stovetop, the yams are in the pan.
Aunt Judy’s green bean casserole won’t be ready “until the top is tan”.

There’s cranberries on the table, gravy in a boat,
And something simmering on the stove that sort of burns my throat.

The stuffing’s in a big bowl, the rolls have been put out.
But there is absolutely no way, I’m eating a Brussels Sprout.

There are plates of beets and carrots, trays of cheese and meat;
My entire house is full of things that I don’t like to eat.

My couch is full of uncles; my kitchen is full of aunts.
Our dining room is overflowing with candles and flowers and plants.

The guest room is off limits and smells like grandma’s perfume.
And Great-grandpa Charlie is napping in my room!

The entryway is packed with shoes; the closet is a coat hodgepodge.
And I’m not supposed to open the door that goes to the garage.

Cousin Lily is in her crib so I can’t make a sound,
And Grandpa Joe is in the backyard – I think he’s just wandering around.

The TV is turned to football; all my toys are put away,
There’s not a single place in my whole house where I can go to play.

Well, they’re calling me for dinner and I know I can’t be rude.
Time to “sit still and mind my manners”; time to poke at all that food.

But wait, what’s this? There’s no little table - sitting over there?
No “special children’s corner.” No rickety folding chair?

And look! Mom is waving me over and dad is smiling with glee.
There’s an open chair right between them – and they’re holding it out for me.

Wow! My own nametag, my own napkin, my own crystal goblet with ice!
Wow! Everyone looks so pretty. Everything smells so nice.

So this is what it’s like. This is the fancy living.
Eating at the grown up table...

Man, I love Thanksgiving! 


Because I can't say Punxsutawny Phil and my children are even worse at it, I call him P. Philly, sort of like P.Diddy. Here's my rap to go with the art project:

Hey P. Philly, what do you say?
Let’s get to work, it’s Groundhog Day.

Time to tell us what the weather will bring.
Six weeks of winter or early spring?

Hey P. Philly, what’s the news?
Open your eyes and take in the views.

If you see your shadow, winter’s here to stay,
And if you don’t see it, spring is on the way.

Hey P. Philly, what’s that you’re sayin’?
If it’s sunny outside that means winter’s stayin’?

And if it’s cloudy out that means winter’s excused?
I hear what you’re sayin’ but you seem confused.

Well, thanks P. Philly, that’s really cool.
Now we know what to wear to school.

If it’s cloudy out we wear swimsuits,

And if it’s sunny out we wear our boots!

And in closing,
I feel another poem coming on...

Summer is here, now it's my day.
I hope you enjoyed this Five for Friday!