Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Graduation Poem

Here's this year's poem!
I hope it makes you laugh!

Each How Much I Love You
2017  Kindergarten Graduation

Well we’ve come to graduation, how fast the year has gone,
It’s time to take your sneakers off and put your flip-flops on.

It’s time to put your pencil down and remove your thinking cap,
It’s time for you to take a trip and for me to take a nap.

But before we break for summer, and out the door I shove you,
I want to take a moment, to tell you each how much I love you.

Mary I love your talent, your artwork is always so great.
I love the way you focus and the way you concentrate.

Ricky I love your vigor, your spirit, and your bounce,
You set the world-wide record for energy per ounce.

Mark I love your persistence; in diligence you have no peers.
I’m grateful every day, that I got to have you for two years.

Sharon I love your vision. Oh, the world you will explore,
But before you go a ‘wandering, please pick up your jacket off the floor.

Amy I love your confidence and the way you rock those kicks,
Next year when you’re my teacher-buddy, I’ll teach you all my tricks. (She's TK)

Mia you are so beautiful, so elegant and so fine,
Thank you for always helping me, keep everyone in line.

Brad I love your smart humor and your kindness until the end.
You’ll never be anybody’s fool and you’ll always be everybody’s friend.

Karl I’ll miss your silliness and your hearty belly laugh;
But maybe not your other sounds that break the seismograph. (I had a group of boys who loved making burping and other noises ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!)

Danielle I love your happiness, you’re like sunshine on demand,
But remember: even happiness doesn’t give you permission to enter Teacher Land.

And Eric, Eric, Eric, you lover of dinosauries,
I am really going to miss, listening to all your stories.

Faith you are so honest, so peaceful and polite,
I know one thing for certain: your parents named you right.

Harry I love your coolness and your always-graceful way;
I have a feeling that when you grow up, I’ll have to pay to see you play.

Vicky you are so helpful, always happy and so kind,
I even love the way you talk more than everyone else combined.

John I love your sweetness, and your quiet, easy style,
You barely made any noise, but I could always hear you smile.

And Danny I love your passion, the way you bring it every day,
I’ll miss your sense of humor; or wait a minute, is that Tray?

And Tray I love your questions, your curiosity so keen,
I’ll miss your sense of wonder; or wait a minute, is that Jean? (I had Triplets and the boys were identical-I mixed them up. Every. Single. Day.)

Charlie I love your style, since I met you I’ve been impressed,
No one walks through my door, better looking or better dressed.

Timmy I’ll miss your impact, your boldness and your strive,
I’ll also miss hearing you coming, five minutes before you arrive.

Allie I’ll miss your helpfulness, so generously applied,
I don’t know how I’ll make it next year, without you by my side. (little teacher)

Kelsie I love your sweetness, you are so gentle and so kind;
Please check your cubby before going, I’m sure something is left behind.

Sue-Ann I love your initiative, your confidence so large,
And I love your constant vigor, to always be in charge.

Nancy I’ll miss your curiosity, and your intellect so rare.
I’ll think of you whenever, I see a ribbon in someone’s hair.

Missy I love your dependability and the way you prioritize,
But oh my goodness what I wouldn’t give, if I could have your eyes.

And Ella I love your kindness, your affection and compassion,
But oh my goodness what we all wouldn’t give, to have your sense of fashion.

Sally, I’ll miss your joy, your animation, and your grace,
But most of all I’ll miss, the beautiful expressions on your face.

Jay I love your imagination, I can’t wait to watch you soar;
We taught you how to be a Kinder, but you taught us so much more.

And last, of course, is Matt, our man of steady pace.
Thanks for reminding all of us, that it is the turtle who wins the race. (Last one out to recess, last one done with lunch, slowest walker, etc.)

And all of you together, well you make me grin from ear to ear!
We’ve had a fun adventure; it’s been a wonderful year.

But now it’s on to First Grade, and then Grades Two and Three,
And lickety split, before you know it, you’ll be as old as me.

You’ll be doctors and farmers and fancy cake bakers.
You’ll be pilots and poets and computer game makers.

You’ll be dancers twirling in tutus, you’ll be firefighters covered in cinders,
But whatever you are, for the rest of your lives, you’ll always be my Kinders.

So, my wishes for you come in one last little burst:
I hope you always remember to put other people first.

I hope you always remember to sing and to dance,
And I hope you never find frogs in your underpants.


  1. Amazing!!! you rock, can't believe you do it every year!

  2. I just LOVE this! How lucky these little ones were to have you in their lives! <3

  3. Sandy, Sandy, Sandy... you are so amazing and so special. These children and their families will remember you and your love forever! Thank you for sharing that with us!

  4. WOW
    I am Wednessay night teacher at my church and every 3 months we have aa awards ceremonry and some graduate to the next class i wish i saw this sooner i would have done it for all the kinds from Rainbows to the Friends class ages 3 to 6th grade i may still do it

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